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About Us

Flessigno, a story starts from afar

  • 1970Giuseppe Flessigno

    Calzaturificio Flessigno has origins in the distant 70’s, when the founder, the father Giuseppe Flessigno, dedided to devote himself completely to the footwear sector by looking for individual customers and knowing each interlocutor personally, building so a strong relationship with all his customers: this allowed him to know in dept every particular need of the final customers in terms of footwear.
  • 2007“Family” Shoe-factory

    The persistent dream was to build a strictly made in Italy family shoe factory, a company structured in an industrial way, and focused on taking care of every organization detail. This is how Giuseppe’s sons come into play, first Marco and then Andrea Flessigno, and so that dream could become true shortly thereafter: so Calzaturificio Flessigno born in 2007.
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Family & organization

These are basics of everything, as Giuseppe say always.

In the following years, Flessigno family continued to cultivate his dream: developing his shoe-factory with gradual efforts, they have fielded a team of almost 60 collaborators, each of whom, for his part, gives with passion his own support to the team that aims higher and higher.